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Headed WBCL m/s World Broadband Communications Ltd. as the CEO for 15 years.

WBCL was dissolved in 2016 and is working as an International brand currently under different brand

About WBCL

VISION India 2010

VISION India 2010″ is the guideline towards and the first step for SUPER POWER and the acceptance of new global leadership in the final league. Info-com with the Convergence being the perception for the future world economy and hence the same will be the acceptance in defining the new world leadership. Defining Indian market and potential for telecom based services by the year 2015 is definitely the power point discussion for the developed nations. The middle class and lower middle class, densely populated towns, can be chaos and real hurdle for the growth opportunity for a developing nation. But, for India this crisis has become the real opportunity to the Info-Com network and an ideal market for telecom and converged media forcing the world economic intersect the Indian market for a bigger and delicious bite.

WBCL’s incorporation simply puts the dream into 3D for giving the concrete pillars for the next generation connectivity under convergence for Telecommunications & Broadband applications. CSD (Communication Superhighway Distribution) network is an architectural concept project, patent by WBCL, is expected to have critical impact on the future telecommunications infrastructure and are presented along with important issues expected to affect their evolution. Telecom, Broadcasting, Internet and multimedia interactive services get the feasibility, standardization, and global applications in terms of last mile connectivity….Marketing, Distribution, Affordability and Awareness. Defining first VIRTUAL DISTRIBUTION NETWORK in the world headed by Visionary himself V.C.Roy, a marketing strategist and the expert for broadband applications & distributions from last 10 years, making things happen for the Govt. of India and other projects with his expertise in the country from the time of its evolution. Launching the market of DTH and the services of converged medium for the first time in India accepting the challenges against the incompetency of regulations and uncertainty, defining his leadership & the future of DTH, Triple Play, IPTV with the huge market potential in INDIA.

Company is destined for first Virtual Distribution System for fastest Info-Com Network in India and neighboring countries giving 100% solution for Last Mile Connectivity in laying out Triple-Play infrastructure for the future. The project is estimated to have the value of 3 billion USD (approx) for 10 million connectivity.

Story of WBCL

You must have been heard many times, now days, a word like broadband and convergence technology. For a common man these are still new words but hide in themselves a great amount of benefit which a common man can’t imagine. In Layman terms Convergence literally means to sum up the various communication technology like, computer, internet, TV, video conferencing, telephone etc. in one place and getting the benefits of all these facilities at one place through one medium. This is the vision of Superhighway of the present digital era. Broadband means higher download speed on Internet for data, Images and voice. Keeping in view the advancing of the new century we at WBCL, are stepping into the information society in which the normalization level of a country may conspicuously represent all-round economic and developing strength and civilization degree. WBCL is an emerging leader in the era of merging the gap by making available finance for the end user by in purchasing the equipment. Voice, Video, Data and Networking era are the four pillars on which WBCL is working. WBCL has integrated the services of all players in the industry and arranged a beautiful return for everybody with a win-win policy for everybody. To sum up in a nutshell, we can say that WBCL is a revolution and not a project or venture. There is natural truth in the business ethic of thinking first about its customer. Everything in WBCL starts and ends with the only point that is customer satisfaction and ends with the objective of realizing minimum amount of profit for survival.

Govt. of India's certification for WBCL

Pursuant of Section 149(3) of the Companies Act, 1956.

Certificate of Incorporation-Corporate Identity Number

U72900DL2001PLC110276 dated 03-04-2001.

Certificate for commencement of Business-Corporate Identity Number

U72900DL2001PLC110276 dated 03-04-2001.

Registrar of Companies

(T. P. Sharma) National Capital Territory of Delhi and Haryana.

WBCL’s Strategy & Approach(2010)

Connecting humanity is a clear-cut concept of WBCL. Merger of all telecommunication giants i.e. product/service providers, business world, tele-communication media customer is the root concept of WBCL. This merger will be done to make available finance for the end users who are poor could not provide for purchasing of equipments. The expenses of financing of equipment for end users and business associate will be recovered from telecommunication media and business world. Over and above this expense, any other money paid to the service providers will also be earned the aforesaid medium.


Keeping 2010 common wealth game as a platform for India towards international branding & info-com infrastructure of the converged media being the Niche. WBCL is destined for 10 million connected homes under CSD Direct platform. Total cost of the project & the CSD (Communication Superhighway Distribution Network) which will be server based network of Rs. 17,500 crore worth giving connectivity to 10 million homes & creating the first superhighway distribution network. Triple Play & the IPTV will have the ready setup under this project in collaboration with the telecom and broadcasting sector, headed by Mr. V.C. Roy, the CEO & head of the marketing and network. The company is destined towards endless possibilities in the field of connectivity. We assure that our future vision and ideas of networking will be well shared by the big Corporate Houses and Govt. bodies. Let us make the world of better place to communicate and connect the Humanity for the peace, love and happiness.

Goals of WBCL

The most important goal of WBCL is image building. This role is designed to build consumer awareness and goodwill. It is aimed as a general audience to present the positive qualities of CSD Direct. The second goal of WBCL is financial relations. It is aimed at informing and building confidence in the financial sector. It also focuses on shareholders and potential investors, thus insuring financial security and independence. The third and the most important goal of WBCL is “Advocacy”. This will explain and promote the CSD Direct viewpoints and position on a controversial issue or any issue that effects the company in any way. The financial goal of WBCL is to establish an image of an institution where innovation is relished, information is disseminated, and business is conducted for the people, by the people and to the people. WBCL should be though of as a useful and desirable institution recognizing and meeting its responsibilities to all the present time as well as in the future uniting the traditionally separate telecommunication, broadcasting & networking sectors.

About Me

Headed WBCL m/s World Broadband Communications Ltd. as the CEO for 15 years.

Supporting advisor to the TRAI in launching broadband services and triple play in 2001

Launched first DTH Project in India in 2002 in the name of Akashganga

Spokesperson for Conditional access system (CAS) for Government of India in 2003

Worked as special advisor to the Internet exchange in launching the domain. IN for India. 2004

Co-ordinated the launch of TataSky in the market in 2005 with WBCL

My Education

MBA – Marketing
Bsc. hons. Mathematics

As a Sales Manager

1995 to 1998 – Birla 3M – New Delhi – Manager Sales.

As a CEO

1998 to 2015 – WBCL (World Broadband Communications Ltd.)- New Delhi – Manager Corporate Sales and CEO.

As a Managing Director

2018 till Date working as Managing Director Vuenow Infotech & Vuenow Marketing Pvt Ltd.

In Newspaper

Meetaap Parallax

Job Profile

Defining the first Virtual Distribution Network in the country with the vision of the marketing strategist and the expert for broadband applications & distribution since last 20 years, making things happen for Govt.of India and the other projects in the country from the time of its evolution.

Launching the market of DTH and the services of converged medium for the first time and accepting the challenges against the incompetence of regulation and uncertainty defining the true leadership potential for the future of DTH, Triple play, IPTV with the huge market capacity in future India.

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